Sentry onpremise using dedicated kafka an zookeeper

I have installed sentry onpremise with docker compose. But I want to use already existing kafka and zookeeper along with postgres and redis, I wonder if I can do that. If it’s possible what changes do I have to make in the docker-compose.yml/

Oh and the zookeeper/kafka cluster have authentication on them, how do I make sentry using that?

Thank you

If you look into the configuration files and search for kafka you’ll find all the settings you’d need. Zookeeper is only used by Kafka so that should not require any extra config.

You then will need to adjust your network settings in docker-compose so that the containers can communicate with the outside world, where I assume your existing kafka instance lives.

You can also look at the built-in configuration files for reference:

OK, I’ll try your suggestion, thank you

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