Sentry Onpremise v21.8.0 on Amazon ECS

Hi Folks,

I just have curiosity regarding deployment latest release of Sentry Onpremise which is v21.8.0 on Amazon ECS.

I have read the docker-compose file and tried to convert it to task-definition.json
But the question is, can we use minimum configurations with just deploy web, redis and postgres but not the other services ?

And about the redis, can we just refer to another redis that deployed on redis labs ? I tried using ssm parameters but seems like web sentry still need to link to redis container.

Or maybe i still have some misconfigurations.

Nope, those services are required to run Sentry properly. You can refer to this earlier thread: Sentry 10 Kafka/Zookeeper and Snuba

You can use any Redis insance, you just need to update all redis configuration in and config.yml files

Hi Burak,

Thanks for the information. I will try to re-develop mine

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