Sentry queue always at 1105 event per hour


We’re experimenting with senty on premise installation, which appears to work fine, but i’m a bit surprised by the quite high level of events per hour in the global queue.
I see a quite constant load of about 1100 events per hour without fully understanding if this is an expected behavior.

I selected every single event category in the admin UI to try to find out what’s going on, and the only events with constant load where theses ones :

  • clear_expired_raw_events : 4 events / hour
  • run_scheduled_deletion : 4 events / hour
  • schedule_digests : 120 events / hour
  • process_buffer.process_pending : 360 events / hour

Can you tell me if this looks suspect ?

What’s the question? These are all scheduled periodically, so these add up to the intervals of the periodic tasks.

process_pending happens every 10s, which adds up to 360/hr, etc.

Hello @matt

Thanks for your answer, that was indeed the question.

I’m also a bit surprised by the global sum of events, because when i add up each category, the sum doesn’t match. The sum points to something like 500 events, while the global throughput indicates 1100 events.

We’re still in the process of trying Sentry, and i just wanted to make sure we didn’t failed somewhere during the installation.