Source map linking does not work


we see a problem where our events are not correctly mapped to the source maps.

In production we use the commit sha for release, to debug this issue I used TEST for release & dist. Same issue.


sentry-cli releases files TEST upload-sourcemaps --dist TEST
sentry-cli releases finalize TEST

Maybe similar to Source code not found on JS files - Tried everything but nothing helped.

We are on 21.4.0.

Thanks, Mike

Ok I’m a step further now, didn’t notice you have to upload the minified source too. Added the bundle.js and now I get an Invalid location in sourcemap error.

However, all browsers and source-map-visualization are able to find the exact place sentry reports in the sourcemap and correctly display the according code.

I tried a lot of things over the course of the last days, including:

  • Setting a whole new project
  • Creating a minimal reproduction project with sentry + 1 line of code
  • Up/Downgrading typescript/webpack in all combinations
  • Tried a lot of different webpack configs

All other tools / browsers are able to read the sourcemap, but sentry consistently refuses to do so.

How can I debug this furher?