Sentry Version info

We are using the hosted Sentry application were I work, but I don’t have access to it myself. I need to document the versions of software we are using and would like to know if I can get the the version for the Sentry web app. I understand it will change overtime, but I need to document what it currently is. And for the future, am I able to get this from the web app?


If you are running a self-hosted version, you can find the version in the bottom left corner of any page.

Sentry cloud mostly runs on the latest master of See this thread for reference. New alert type: Metric Alerts

If you want to document, you can probably looks at releases and use the latest version from it. Https://

If this is for the self-hosted version, it should be reporting the version on the bottom left corner of any page.

Awesome thanks. I’ll have someone check for me.

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thank you!