Where are new releases announced?


I have a pretty simple question: How does everyone keep up to date on latest releases of sentry?
I noticed we were using an old version when I checked the Admin > Environment page, where I got a tooltip on the Server Version: “You’re running an old versionof Sentry, did you know 8.17.0 is available?”.
I couldn’t find a list of the latest releases or notes in the doc or on the website, and it’s only in the tags list of github that I can see that indeed there’s a releases/v8.17.x tag. The CHANGES file on this release version will then tell me what’s changed, but I’m wondering if there’s something easier like email notifications, or a change list that’s a bit better than just a text file.

Thanks for your help!

GitHub provides Atom feeds for all releases:


Ok thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.