Sentry Webhook Testing

It seems that webhooks testing by default is a bit broken, while using a mattermost incomming webhook, I receive from console:

{"level":"error","ts":1563483939.6410387,"caller":"mlog/log.go:172","msg":"No text specified","path":"/hooks/xchu7mnwzjgpznmqczct6bzecr","request_id":"rtr3s6azr3r7jcbpa3pg4gu3yr","ip_addr":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx","user_id":"","method":"POST","err_where":"HandleIncomingWebhook","http_code":400,"err_details":""}

Any idea how we can make sure that our webhooks will be working since the test does not sends a valid text for Mattermost to work and direct in right channel.

A deeper look into the issue, and a reply from Mattermost devs, lead me to this answer:

The webhook sent no text or attachments:

Would be amazing and quite a simple fix to make a simple testing payload for a Testing function. Or?