Sentry with Instant Apps


As per the Integration documents here, have implemented Sentry.
Unfortunately crashes occurring on Instant apps are not being captured, whereas Installed Apps capture and present the error on dashboard.
I’ve followed all the steps and have tried enabling/disabling pro gaurd to ensure that this was not the cause. In both the scenarios Installed app was submitting errors and Instant app was missing all of them.
Does Sentry support Instant apps ?
If it does it would be great if you could share the docs, I couldn’t find any.


hey @Ishanhonhaga thanks for your message.
it should support ootb, but this feature “” has been deprecated for a while and I’ve not tested by myself, I believe the only trick would be to place the dependency and manifest configuration in the right module.
Would you mind creating a repro sample so I can have a look at it?

Thanks :slight_smile: