Android Unreal Engine 4

Hi All, Is sentry supported on android projects developed in unreal engine 4? I’ve followed this guide:

But is not working when I install the packaged project(apk) on a device. After a crash nothing is displayed and nothing is sent to sentry. Same project executed in editor is sending data to sentry

Thanks in advance for the responses!

For UE4 Mobile you can use our mobile SDKs.
The UE4 docs have instructions on how to add dependencies from gradle, cocoapods. And from Sentry’s perspective you can look into adding the SDK to a iOS/Android app.

Ok I’ve followed the steps to add dependecies to an android project and followed the documentation about sentry for android, but still no messages. I’ve used the apk analyzer of android studio to check the meta-tag was included in the manifest, and it’s there. I’ve checked also for the presence of the sdk in the classes.
From my understanding this should be enough to have crash notifications. Am I missing something?

How are you testing it? Do you actually crashing the game and restarting it?

I’ve made two tests:

  • starting the game and causing a null pointer exeption at startup.
  • starting the game and causing a null pointer exception when a user open a menu.

In the first case I’m not getting any event, in the latter the events are coming after few seconds from the restart of the app.

Unfortunately the first case could be interesting for me since usually unreal crashes at startup on unsupported devices.

Sounds like the SDK isn’t initialized by the time you’re crashing it. Where did you add the call to Sentry.init ?

Could you please share a repro with us? Like a small app on a GitHub repo we can run?