SentryError: HTTP Error (413) with Node Express

I’m new on Sentry and working on integrating Sentry with a React app that uses Node and Express for SSR.

Using @sentry/node SDK.
When sending a test error from Express end point I’m getting
Sentry Logger [Error]: Error while sending event: SentryError: HTTP Error (413)
The error is as simple as
throw new Error(“Test”);
Exactly the same code works fine with a local on premise instance, but fails to send to the hosted project

Does anyone have any pointers about

  • what could be the problem here? it doesn’t seem to be the actual payload size, as the only difference is which Sentry project it’s being sent to
  • any useful tweaks that can be done on Sentry project itself, related to error sizing, limits, whether it’s possible to add custom preferences
  • getting more insight about what precisely is being sent to Sentry (breadcrumbs, context, general message size and concept)

Many thanks in advance!

Are you sure your DSN is correct for