Shared volume - no such file or directory


for our company I installed Sentry into kubernetes using helm chart. After users and projects were setup and used for a while we realized that no permanent storage is mounted to /var/lib/sentry/files. So I reconfigured pvc and helm upgrade. Shared storage is correctly mounted now. I can see new blob files created there.

But since then things are happening. Example:

  • In ui navigate to recent release (one created after mount change)
  • Go to artifacts list and choose one to download it
    • /api/0/projects/sentry/project1/releases/b71669d84c033ff117254883d58867b701de0b75/files/12933/?download=1
  • Page returns 500 internal error
  • Sentry log shows an error saying
    • No such file or directory: u'/var/lib/sentry/files/ab/a4a9/5557704fb2a6ce0b8c64654f03
  • In postgres
    • select path from sentry_fileblob where id = 12933
    • returns 8e/2588/f896cc4de397673080e3131aa7
    • which is different then file path from error message

There are other inconsistencies this is just an example.

  1. Is fresh install needed after such a change of storage config? Or this should be ok (with old data missing of course)
  2. Any idea where sentry is getting wrong path from? Yes path given by err msg is in postgres as well but listed under different file_id and different project_id
  3. Which postre tables should be wiped out so sentry is consistent again without loosing other configuration (users, integrations with repositories…)
  4. Is clean install necessary?

Any insights or pointer into right direction is welcomed :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time!

Eventually I figured out the reason is quite simple. Postgres knew about existence of fileblobs which were actually not on a disk since I put empty volume under it.

Postgres inconsistencies was because I was querying wrong ids.

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