Fileblobs not removed from disk


when a file(blob) is removed from sentry (by running sentry cleanup for example) it is removed from sentry_fileblob db table but not from disk. Is this expected? Is there something more to be done to remove files?

Our team releases a lot and we need to reclaim some space. I am seeking advice here before I revert to removing files manually.

This is for Sentry v9.1.2

Thanks a lot!

ok the file is gone but overall number of files stayed the same. Current guess is that the same blob as used by different release got stored under different path. Investigating…

Now it does makes sence. Files do repeat so much among our releases that removing a release is not releasing any space on disk. Why there was discrepancy between fileblob table and disk content I dont know still but it has probably to do with “migrating” fileblob to different file (different filename but same content based on hash)

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I came here to report that the code seems to remove the files and untouched for over 2 years (since 9.1.0) and even that last change was trivial.

Glad you figured it out (mostly).