Slack Integration Feedback

This thread is for feedback on our new (2018) Slack integration. If you’re not sure what that is, the thread doesn’t apply to you.

The new Slack integration lives globally in your organization (under “Integrations”). Once you’ve connected it to a Slack workspace, you’ll gain access to a few things:

  1. Sentry links will unfurl within Slack
  2. Actions will become available on issue cards
  3. Rules will allow you to send a notification to a specific workspace and channel.

Unlike the legacy plugin, by default slack notifications will not be triggered without first configuring a rule to trigger a notification, you’ll want to configure that under Projects > Alerts > Rules.

Note: You may want to disable the legacy Slack integration (via “Manage Integrations” on the Project Settings, or the “Alerts” settings page) as it will create duplicate notifications for any newly formed rules.

If you’re one of our early adopters, we’d find feedback very valuable here. We’re still polishing up the UI, and things will be move around a bit for configuration, but specifically we’d like to know:

  • Are there things you think are missing?
  • Does the experience “feel” good to you? Primarily around the notifications and cards.
  1. if there is one workspace associated with the integration, it should be automatically selected when configuring an alert click… saves us a click.
  2. auto-complete from slack channels will be nice (in the edit rule UI)
  3. the ability to select tags or any other data (limited number of items obviously) from the sentry issue to show up in the slack message (for example, number of events, users, tags, etc…) maybe this can also allow expanding to view more (similar to how snippets work in slack) to view more info inline.

It looks like with multiple projects sending events the resolve button does not work. It works for this first project configured but no popup and action for the second project.

Is it possible that you have a legacy slack integration activated as well? Or is it that the “Resolve” button is showing but is not functional?

It is definitly from the new integration, it has the same formatting as the others with working buttons. The button is there but just does nothing.

Edit: Also the assign dropdown did work on that event where the resolve button does nothing.

Can I get a “workflow” notification on Slack?

I know how to do that with “alert” notification.


We are not supporting workflow notifications for Slack yet

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Hey all. We’ll be deploying a change early next week that will require you to re-install your slack integration for it to continue posting alerts and unfurling. I’ll post here once the change has been deployed.


We’ve decided to add a new feature that will future-proof your Sentry/Slack integration from any staffing changes you might have.

While we feel this feature will be a great asset to our users, it does carry one temporary downside for you as a beta-tester: you will have to reinstall the integration to continue receiving alerts in Slack.

Please take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your ‘Integrations’ in your organization settings.
  2. Remove your existing Slack connection.
  3. Add and authorize a new Slack integration.
  4. Navigate to Alerts > Rules for any project you’ve connected to Slack.
  5. Verify that the rules are still correct.

Please us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Small issue here with the new Slack integration (hosted version of Sentry).

After clicking on the “Add Workspace” button, I’m getting:

Invalid permissions requested
Invalid scope: users:readchat:write

If it matters, note that I’m currently using the older version of the integration, trying to get the new shiny features.

Should be resolved now. We had a bug that got pushed out in a rush to address another concern.

Spoke too soon, looks like theres another issue we’re working upstream with Slack to address ASAP. Otherwise we’ll revert back if we can’t resolve in next 30m.

Not sure what the upstream issue is but it did just appear to work for me! Thanks @zeeg for the super quick turn around!

Does the new integration support private channels? I can’t seem to get an alert rule set up for our existing private channel (although it has made me think about moving Sentry notifications to a public channel)

Hi folks. Just started playing with the new Slack integration - having the permissions managed centrally is much better.

However, the permissions don’t quite work for us as-is. We are an agency with many channels, one per client project. These are all private channels. When I set up the integration, I can only select to give access to all public channels, or select specific private channels. This means that I’d have to select all of our private channels (dozens of them) manually, and whenever we added a new client we’d have to do it all over again.

I need an option to grant access to all private channels.



Hey all! Private channels are supported! But we just recently corrected the validation on adding private channels. I’ve left an explanation for getting it going on this GitHub issue.

Because of how Slack apps work, and because the ability to verify that the integration has access to private channels requires a new permission, you will need to re-install the integration. You can simply click ‘Add Integration’ and go through the setup again (without needing to remove the already configured workspace) and it will grant you the new permissions.

For private channels you’ll have to make sure the app is added to the channel, which you can do with /invite @Sentry in your slack workspace!


I need an option to grant access to all private channels.

Unfortunately slack does not offer anything like this as far as I know with their new permission model at the moment. But /invite-ing the app should ease this pain a bit.

But /invite-ing the app should ease this pain a bit.

@evanpurkhiser can you explain what you mean by that exactly? EDIT never mind, just read your post properly!

Just to check, will the “old” slack integration be kept around?

I can’t seem to get all tags displayed in the new integration, such as release or project

I cannot get the new integration to work - old one works fine