Slack integration interactivity toggle?

Hello, is there a way to turn off the slack interactivity that allows all users to Resolve, Ignore, Assign, etc? When I turn Interactivity off within the Slack application itself (on the buttons still appear but don’t do anything.

It feels weird not having this as optional considering anyone could start assigning and resolving issues incorrectly. Am I missing something obvious?

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 1.16.49 PM

Thanks in advance!

I see that this was just recently all worked on: feat(notifications platform): Send Slack messages for Issue Alerts by ceorourke · Pull Request #25515 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub

Judging by what I’m reading in the docs and code, it does not seem we can turn these off. This would be a great feature to add considering I have 500+ people in a slack channel that can just resolve/assign things willy nilly which is not ideal.