Slack integration - multiple channels

I’m trying to set up the new slack integration so that I can send alerts to multiple channels.

I have tried setting up the alert as:

  • Single rule, multiple “post to this workspace” actions with multiple channels listed
  • Single rule, single “post to this workspace” action with multiple channels listed in the single action separated by commas (which obviously errors out with a “channel not found” type of error)
  • Multiple rules, each with 1 action to post to different channels

Neither solution works. It always just posts to 1 channel (the first rule encountered, it seems).

Is this functionality dependent on the client reporting the event? Am I doing something obviously wrong?

I don’t think we can do this, but this would be a feature I’d love to see!

  • You add Slack to the project, webhook URL et al, default channel, default name, etc.
  • But then for each Alert rule, if you choose Slack as a target you should be allowed to override the channel or username.

My use case for this is I have two channels of notifications in Slack: one is for low-priority errors, errors due to user-interaction, etc. and another for high-priority errors, API is down etc. I’d like to set a rule for repeated spikes in errors or errors with certain keywords or common phrases to go via the high-priority channel, however we can’t add multiple Slack channels to a project & we can’t override Slack webhook config on a per alert rule.

Would love to see this implemented in the (near) future :muscle: