SMTP setting problem

Before today, the smtp service was working normally. A log appeared today

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/sentry/runner/ DeprecatedSettingWarning: The EMAIL_USE_SSL setting is deprecated. Please use SENTRY_OPTIONS['mail.use-ssl'] instead.
   warnings.warn(DeprecatedSettingWarning(options_mapper[k], "SENTRY_OPTIONS['%s']"% k))

But what I configured in is

SENTRY_OPTIONS['mail.use-ssl'] = ("true")

Sentry runs on the self-built kubernetes cluster, and is mounted to the sentry-web container through configmap.
It is currently not possible to send mail via ssl. What is the problem?

Are you able to send mail from Sentry?

Yes it’s work fine.But there is always a waring on the interface