Snuba cleanup transactions dropped 0 partitions

Hi There,

We are running a self-hosted version of Sentry v21.6.1. Currently running out of diskspace in clickhouse, the bulk of the disk is used by,

21G	/var/lib/clickhouse/store/
13G	/var/lib/clickhouse/data/default/

The disk volume was only increased couple of weeks ago and it seems the sentry cleanup cron jobs are not cleaning transactions at all

There are 3 jobs set up to cleanup transactions on a daily basis, however the job logs always show the message as below,

Dropped 0 partitions on sentry-clickhouse:9000

The cleanup command in use is,

snuba cleanup --storage transactions --dry-run "False" --clickhouse-host sentry-clickhouse --clickhouse-port "9000"

Can you please point me in the right direction to understand how the transactions should be removed and if the above cleanup command needs any modifications?