Spike protection does not work for me - one users generates about 5000 events - my account is limited

Can not reach support -because of free account (

Spike protection does not work for me - one users generates 5000 events

I can not delete and ignore - because free account.
I mark to ignore issue until it affects more user
but my account is not usable now!

This users looks like Google monkey test runner it can ruins any sentry account.
Please help, how to reach sentry devs and fix it ?

Any chance to get reply from devs?

dear dimmduh,

what is the time frame over which the user generated 5000 events?

every 8 secs

You can check

Spike protection uses the heuristic described here: https://docs.sentry.io/accounts/quotas/#spike-protection

If you are sending 7 or 8 events per minute, that is still within a 20 event per minute rate limit.

I understand.
But something wrong with google bot, it can brake any sentry account.
Even paid account does not help with this.

imao, absolutely the same 5000 events from one user sending with almost constant period of time - looks strange and sentry has to protect from it.

Have you looked into filtering client side? For example, if the exception is thrown in a test environment, you could determine that in a beforeSend callback and then discard the event.

Thx, I will try