SSL to encrypt connections to RDS postgres

Hello ,

I am currently running sentry v9.1.2 inside of AWS EKS cluster.
I have a container running redis inside the EKS and external AWS RDS posrgress DB v11.5.
Right now, i want to enforce RDS postgres to use SSL for incoming connections.

  • I have a configmap that has the RDS SSL CA certificate mounted inside the EKS cluster.

The question is how can i tell sentry to use this SSL CA certificate for connections to postgres db.

I’d suggest using a third party SSL proxy for communication. Something like stunnel or whatever some modern hotness is.

Thanks matt ,
That means that sentry has no SSL support for DB connections.
Another question , is there anyway i can set sslmode to require

I think you can but then you may need to compile psycopg2 from source. See this issue for more information: