Stack unwinding and symbols missing while debug info files (.pdb and .pyd) are well provided


I’m trying to use Sentry on-premise (version Sentry 20.10.0.dev06342916 ) to collect issues of C++ code (more precisely from a .pyd).

I succeed in collecting issues, and uploading debug informations files but the stack is not readable. Indeed Sentry show me that the image is not loaded for my meta_nodal_py.pyd.
But if I click on the glass I well see the file with good name, debug id and unwind et symtab tags :

May I miss something or missunderstand or falling in a bug ?

Thanks you for your help.

Nah, I don’t think you’re missing anything. We’re evaluating Sentry (the only difference is that we’re using cloud instead of onpremise) and are stuck with the same issue.

We’re uploading the same PDB that works when debugging in Visual Studio or Windbg but Sentry doesn’t seem to like it. I’ve seen topics about this before and they’re always empty of replies, so we’ll probably move on. :frowning: Sorry!