Using third-party static libraries without debug information

Hi All,

I have a C++ project using the Sentry native SDK. I also use several third-party static libraries that I link to my project. These proprietary libraries do not ship with debug information files.

The output of my project (on Windows) is a dynamic library and a PDB file. I get a couple linker warnings (LNK4099) because of the missing debug information files for the third-party libraries but I can debug my code perfectly. sentry-cli difutil check also confirms that my files should be usable.

However, after I upload my files to Sentry and get my first crash report, Sentry seems to fail to process my debug information file. I get the following controversial feedback:

Is this expected behaviour? Does this mean I cannot link proprietary third-party libraries to my project if I want to use Sentry?

In Sentry-lingo we consider both the executable/dylib and the pdb to be “debug information”. We managed to parse one of them (the dylib) and failed to parse the pdb.

Could you share the PDB with which this is occurring, or if on, a link to the failing event?

I’d rather not share the actual file publicly but I sent a link to the event in private. Thanks in advance!