statsPeriod query parameter seems to have no effect

I’m using the GET /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/issues/ endpoint to retrieve lists of issues. Regardless of whether I use ?statsPeriod=24h or ?statsPeriod=14d as a query parameter, I get back the same amount of issues. When I iterate over the list I see that they date back almost a month, so I’m inferring that I’m not using he query parameter correctly, but I’m using the same syntax as the example code on this page

I’m emulating this example…

…whether I use ?statsPeriod=14d or ?statsPeriod=24h or nothing at all, I get back everything in March.

Is this an error in the online docs or am I making a mistake?

Mystery solved. I misinterpreted what the stats_period parameter is supposed to do.