Some projects in the performance tab do not work properly

Some API calls in the project are failing, so performance monitoring pages do not render properly.




The response codes of the above three API requests are displayed as “canceled” without a separate error status code. Sometimes the lowest api request succeeds, but in that case


The api is called several times and the state of “cancelled” is repeated. And finally, the page displays “Pinpoint problems
Something seem slow? Track down transactions to connect the dots between 10-second page loads and poor-performing API calls or slow database queries.”

The odd thing is that if I paste the url of each request into the browser’s address bar and request it individually, it succeeded.
And if I do not check only the specific project but check another project together and read the performance monitoring page, the page appears normally. As a result of checking the clickhouse, there was no problem with the process of containing the data itself.

Except for the specific project, the performance monitoring page is properly displayed even if other projects are individually checked. What is the problem?

Some questions before we can move forward:

  1. Which version of Sentry are you using?
  2. Are you using Nginx in front?
  3. Could your system be under load or under-resourced as it seems like the requests just time out or something?

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