Still does not support mysql?

Hi everyone.
I have some question about mysql support issue.
I saw A NOTE ON MySQL(version 8.0.0), but I wish to confirm about that.
it does not support mysql until now?
Please reply~
thank you~ have good day:)

This is correct. While we don’t go out of our way to break MySQL support, we don’t actively attempt to maintain it and we don’t provide support for it.


Like why wouldn’t you support mysql / mariadb?
Regular companies that are using it for php error reporting, gonna use mysql / mariadb.

If you try to run sentry on mysql you get an error while running south migrations (Key Error: default)

Over and over again, large projects that started on a database-agnostic framework realize that they can’t really support multiple database backends. Sentry is just one example of this. GitLab is probably very close to dropping their support for MySQL too. Other projects have gone the other way and chosen to support only MySQL. The common denominator is that once you get to the point where you need to be doing special stuff that a generic query builder can’t handle, you either need to choose a single database engine or you need to put far more effort into maintaining compatibility than it is worth.