Middleware version compatibility?


We’re currently working to upgrade our Sentry instance.

We have strong regulatory security requirements so we want to upgrade as most as possible all the Sentry depending middlewares (to minimize CVE…)

In the official onpromise docker-compose, many versions are outdated.

  • Redis 5.0 → Is Redis 6.2 supported?
  • Memcached 1.5 → Is 1.6 supported?
  • Postgresql 9.6 → Is 13.3 supported?
  • Zookeeper 5.5 → Is 6.6 supported?
  • Kafka 5.5 → Is 6.2 supported?
  • Clickhouse 20.3 → Is 21.6 supported? (obvously not)
  • Symbolicator 0.2 → Is 0.3 supported?

Maybe we missed an official compatibility matrix documented somewhere?

These are the versions we currently support and use. We know there are issues we need to address with newer versions of Postgres so that’s definitely not supported: Roadmap PostgreSQL Update

Same with Clickhouse: Support for Clickhouse 21.x - #7 by fpacifici (you found this already)

Symbolicator should already be on latest: onpremise/.env at aea6adc5b870da83c9188f672ead1a4d459683fc · getsentry/onpremise · GitHub

Memcached is probably fine (you can try submitting a PR to the repo and we’ll see if the tests fail).

Redis, I have no idea. If they don’t have breaking changes, it would work. Otherwise it would probably fail.

Re Kafka and ZK: we use the Confluent images and this page suggests it is safe to upgrade: Upgrade Confluent Platform | Confluent Documentation

As with others, you may submit a PR, we’ll see if the CI passes and will merge after.

/cc @fpacifici if you have any thoughts.

Thanks for your answer and for the suggestion to submit PR ; it will be an easy solution to get feedback quickly.

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