The bug is appearing even after removing the code in Javascript

In Sentry, the bug appeared that was “loader[i].hide is not a function” and we have removed that code to fix it. But the bug is still appearing even after removing the code. The code “loader[i].hide” does not exist in given line number by Sentry and in a whole file.
Need to understand that how Sentry works and why the bug is still appearing even after removing the code?


If loader[i].hide is appearing in the error message, somebody is still fundamentally running that code.

Some possibilities:

  • Users have kept your application open (e.g. never closed the tab), have never downloaded updated code, and are still triggering the old error (common)
  • Even if they have refreshed, their browser is caching the old JavaScript file
  • Your server may also still be serving the older file to some clients

It’s been a couple weeks – are you still seeing people trigger this error? My prediction is that it probably tailed off after a few days and is now gone.