The graphs of incidents ceased to be displayed in the web interface

Hi guys!!

I transferred the sentry to another server using rsync. Everything started up well on new server. Sentry in docker (on both servers).
After the launch in new server, the graphs of incidents ceased to be displayed in the web interface, while when you hover the mouse over the field where the graph should be, the number of existing incidents is displayed. There are no resource loading errors or other errors in the Chrome console and docker logs, Everything is fine.

Old server:
Ubuntu 16.04, docker 18.06.1, Sentry 9.0.0

New server:
Ubuntu 20.04, docker 20.10.6, Sentry 9.1.2

Both nodes behind the nginx proxy with certificate (tls).

First, I transferred the old version (9,0,0), launched it - there are no graphs.
Then I updated the version to 9,1,2 - nothing changed :frowning:

new-server — ImgBB - new server
old-server — ImgBB - old server

Hi, unfortunately we do not support these versions of Sentry anymore. They are more than 2 years old :frowning:

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