'TypeError: cancelled' - how do I find out which request it was?

I’m getting tons of TypeError: cancelled in sentry.

These errors always lack information about WHICH request was cancelled.

(These sentry issues always lack a StackTrace. Sometimes they include Breadcrumbs, and I can see that some user interaction has taken place before the error.)

Here’s a screenshot of an example with breadcrumbs. (note: “avbruten” is the swedish translation of “cancelled”) https://i.imgur.com/d8Dxv3P.png

I’m unsure if it was the entire request to the page that was cancelled (perhaps by the user stopping the browser manually) or if it was a fetch-request in my clientside javascript code.

A stackoverflow thread suggests that it might be related to users manually stopping their browsers

“When the page loads, the refresh button changes to cross button, now if some api request is in progress during this page loading time and the user click this cross button, then iOS chrome/safari throws this error.”

Most of these issues are from Safari

Here’s an overview of the Tags

Mobile Safari 13.1.1 - 8.6k
Mobile Safari 13.1 - 3.4k
Mobile Safari 13.1.2 - 1.6k
Safari 13.1.1 - 1.1k
Mobile Safari 13.0.51 - k
Mobile Safari 12.1.2 - 657
Safari 13.1 - 482
Mobile Safari 13.0.4 - 315
Safari 13.1.2 - 272
Chrome Mobile iOS 83.0.4103 - 213

Mobile Safari - 16k
Safari - 2.2k
Chrome Mobile iOS - 435
Firefox iOS - 15
Google - 14
Mobile Safari UI/WKWebView - 2

iPhone - 16k
Mac - 2.2k
iPad - 339