UnhandledRejection - Non-Error promise rejection captured with value

I have same errors genrated by MSFT.
But filtering “Non-Error promise rejection captured” is not a good idea.
We have same errors with more details that is related to our functionality and we need too capture and resolve them. ignoring them causes problems.

We’re starting to get a ton of these errors recently as well and it is crashing the server.

More details
Version of sentry:

"@sentry/react": "^6.2.3",
"@sentry/tracing": "^6.2.3",

User IP identified as “Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)” as well.

Any updates on this one?

In the next version - 6.9.0 (releasing as we speak), Dedupe integration is turned on by default, which should lower the impact of this issue tremendously.

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Just to second this, throwing a filter that broad onto the SDK is generally not a good idea. Instead, try to be more specific. This MSFT error which has lately cropped up for folks always has the “Object Not Found Matching Id” phrase in it, so I’d advise instead filtering on that instead of “Non-error promise rejection captured with keys,” which is just the SDK’s escape hatch for trying to provide at least some information when code rejects with something other than an instance of the Error class.

Ths issue is not only to filter the errors, but that it seems that Sentry is going into an infinite loop/endless recursion and generating a multitude of errors. I don’t mind ignoring one error, I can also filter them, but Sentry has to fix this mechanism that gets activated.

The behavior is exactly the same: Lots of sentry.event calls, followed by an exception at the end.

It’s not actually an infinite loop on our part - it’s just the SDK capturing a flood of the same error. (Each entry in the long list you see, in the Breadcrumbs section, corresponds to a separate instance of this error being captured by the SDK.) As Kamil says, now that the Dedupe integration is again on by default, even if you do see this error, you shouldn’t see it repeated over and over again the way you have been.


Same thing here! All the IPs coming from Microsoft. Microsoft always does problems…

We’re starting to get a ton of these errors recently as well and it is crashing the server.

How can I solve this problem?

Hey there,

a good first step is to update your SDK to the latest version. If you read the thread above you can see that the dedupe integration is now a default latest version of the browser SDK.

Otherwise, there are some great tips for filtering this in lobsterkatie’s post.