Unsupported DSN scheme error

I keep have what I think should be a working django application running in a container with what I believe is a valid sentry DSN url, yet it keeps giving me the error:
raven.exceptions.InvalidDsn: Unsupported Sentry DSN scheme: ('https://badec19b706d4[redacted]380c7ef2b@sentry.io/22[...]8')

I’ve checked this string in the settings and it’s correct. What should I be trying?

What version/name of SDK are you using? Its possible the SDK is expecting a legacy DSN which includes a secret key.

I thought that might be the case, so I’ve tested with the full secret-key including version, and then upgraded to sentry-sdk==0.7.14
On 0.7.14 I get

The ‘sentry-sdk’ (so not raven) will definitely only require the public key-based DSN.