Changing SENTRY_DSN killed my Laravel site

I’ve taken over a complex Laravel site which already has a value set for SENTRY_DSN in its .env file.

The site has some issues on some pages and I don’t have access to the data sent to that DSN so I set up a new account in Sentry just now and created a new DSN (free tier).

I stuck that in the live production .env file and KABOOM - site homepage shows the ‘Whoops something went wrong…’ error page.

What do I do?

PS. I am VERY new to Laravel.


PS. I note that the old value is of the form:

And the new one (as provided to me by Sentry) is of the form:

Is that the issue perhaps?

Depends on which version of our SDK your application runs, we deprecated the “secret” DSN a long time ago.
But you can still copy the “secret” DSN in our interface DSN (Deprecated) is below the new one.

Aha I hadn’t seen that interface. Bingo. Back in business.

For anyone else reading this thread, find the aforementioned deprecated URL ‘with’ secret here:

Home -> Projects -> now select your project -> Settings -> Client Keys (DSN)

And the colon separated style URL is there to behold.