Update on change in IP ranges

I recently noticed that my source maps were not getting pulled in by Sentry.

I use an S3 bucket for source maps with an IP-based policy, so I am happy to provide access to Sentry with your IP ranges. (See https://docs.sentry.io/ip-ranges/#ip-ranges)

However, it seems that the IP ranges change semi-frequently. Is there a way to get updated when these ranges change? That way, I can ensure my S3 policy is also kept up to date.

We don’t have a way to do this, and frankly, the process on our side isn’t super ideal.

I’d recommend uploading release artifacts to our servers to avoid us needing to fetch from you in the first place. That way it’s guaranteed to work.

We use absolute paths to refer to the source maps in S3 so that we can access them from certain IP address ranges.

For example, let’s say the source map URL is https://example.com/maps/code.js.map. Does Sentry know to just use the code.js.map part of the URL to find the map if we upload to Sentry as well?

You’d upload it to use and tell us the name is https://example.com/maps/code.js.map, and yes, we’d pull that from our artifacts instead of the public internet.

You can also use ~ to indicate relative to the domain. So instead, a name of ~/maps/code.js.map would be equivalent but catch any domain.