JS Sourcemaps requesting IP Ranges Changed?

How often do the IP Ranges from which Sentry requests Javascript SourceMaps change?
The current IP ranges:

As seen on current Google web cache and internet archive they recently changed from


Des this happen frequently? Should I try the other methods? Have the old IPs been reassigned to someone else and my sourcemaps were exposed? (Not making a big deal, its ok, they needed to have exact url and hash.)

We announced this change through multiple channels before we did it. There is a blog post, we emailed active customers, and there was an in-app broadcast that was up for a week or so.

We don’t anticipate needing to make this change again for a while. We did some architectural changes that will allow us to not need to expand on this range.

It’s hard to say if the old IPs have been reassigned, but I’d assume so at some point since we don’t own them anymore.

Oh ok, we only recently set up sentry.
It might be that our account is Inactive. We are on the legacy payment option. It’s either that or only the admin of the account got the email and not the team members.