Upgrade Sentry 8.0.0rc1 to 8.14 version


I am running Sentry 8.0.0rc1 in my current setup. Is there a way to upgrade it to 8.14 version?




I will appreciate if somebody can pitch in for my earlier post to this forum. I am refering to https://docs.sentry.io/server/installation/docker/ to install Sentry 8.14 version using docker container and the setup was done successfully on my test server. Currently i am running Sentry 8.0.0rc1 in production. Is there a way to upgrade Sentry 8.0.0rc1 to 8.14 version using docker? Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance.


This covers the process fairly well: https://docs.sentry.io/server/upgrading/

Assuming you are using the Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml file from the onpremise repo, all you have to do is the following:

# take the current containers down
docker-compose down

# edit the Dockerfile to point to the new version (with the `-onbuild` suffix)
nano Dockerfile

# update the docker-compose image deps (postgres, redis, exim, etc.)
docker-compose pull

# rebuild the base Sentry image
docker-compose build

# run the application's migrations to bring the DB up-to-date
docker-compose run --rm web upgrade

# relaunch the application and all its services
docker-compose up -d

At least this is all I have ever had to do, but I started with Sentry version 8.10 maybe. I have successfully upgraded twice using this method, however.