Uploading sourcemaps via local FS vs. deployed version

The documentation you have around uploading sourcemaps point to ‘http://’ addresses in the example.

I was able to get a release pointing to the artifacts that I’m interested in via our deploy script:

files ${GIT_SHA} upload studio/build '~/app.js'
files upload-sourcemaps studio/build/app.js.map
  1. Dis okay?
  2. When we trigger errors, Sentry still attempts to fetch (rather than get the uploaded files) and throws a “remote file took too long to load”. Does uploading sourcemaps/files before deploying to the web not point releases to artifacts?
  1. I think upload-sourcemaps needs the version as well: files ${GIT_SHA} upload-sourcemaps studio/build/app.js.map

  2. Soucemaps/files just need to be uploaded before events are triggered in order for them to be applied. If Sentry isn’t attempting to use the uploaded files then it could any of the following:

  • the release associated on the event doesn’t match a release that has uploaded artifacts.
  • one or more of the files in the stack trace aren’t included in the uploaded artifacts for that release.
  • incorrect naming of the uploaded artifacts - filenames must match exactly (~ only omits host and protocol so you need the whole path)