Already upload correct sourcemaps and set the right release but event didn't located correctly

Hi, all
I’m trying to use sentry to monitor our web service. I used sentry-webpack-plugin to manage release and source maps.

here is my webpack config
new SentryCliPlugin(
include: ‘./build’,
ignore: [‘node_modules’, ‘webpack.babel.js’],
release: ${packageName}@${packageVersion},
urlPrefix: ‘~/irobot2’

And here is the uploaded artifacts on sentry, and the related issue that I triggered from FE page

There was 1 error message shows that remote file took too long to load. It might be caused by our test server is hosted inside our company network. But as I uploaded the artifacts. I expect Sentry will fetch sourcemap file from sentry server rather than remote server right?

Is there anything that I misunderstand from the docs? or someone is facing the same problem as well?

Probably a mismatch in artifacts. If it’s saying its trying to fetch it that means it didn’t use the artifact you uploaded.

Common reasons:

  • Mismatched url/filenames
  • Mismatched release version
  • File not uploaded before event processed