URL Query Parameters

(not sure if this belongs here or in the SDK category?)

When I look at the URL for an issue, it doesn’t show the url query parameters, so I’ve ended up not being able to reproduce an issue at example.com, only to find out it happens at example.com?action=thing. So is there a way to make the them show up in the issue view?

@LunarTwilight yeah this one pretty much depends on which SDK you’re using and which integrations you have enabled. Note that we do not show the URL with query parameters even if the query parameters have been sent. Instead we parse the query parameters and show them as table below.

Ah. I’m using the JS SDK if that helps. Also how would I check what intergration I have?

I assume you’re talking about the browser SDK then? We have one for nodejs that integrates with specific web frameworks.

Yeah, I’m using the browser SDK.

cc @hazat.

Could you post the link to a Sentry issue where you’d have expected a querystring? On the surface, this looks like a bug.


The query string is definetly on that page: https://sentry.io/organizations/chemie/issues/896011744/events/9451134627174a759f1763a462989e61/#request

We just don’t show it most of the time because it’s often full of noise.

Yeah I noticed it was there after I made this thread, but it would still be nice to be able to see the url string in the url itself that you see and can open (maybe make it a preference?) tho your reasoning is fair, as they can sometimes get full of noise.