URL Route for Issue #

It would be nice if there was a url scheme for accessing an issue by it’s Issue # – something like http://somesentryinstall.com/myorg/issues/SOMEPROJECT-59.

Since we’re using these IDs in our commit messages, we’d like to add a regex to Phabricator to get links to them.

There is, you can do:


It’s just a search query with the issue id, and it’ll redirect to the issue detail.

Thank you for your prompt response!

It’s been a while that this question was first answered, but I’m facing a similar issue.
I’m using a self-hosted instance and the search query URL doesn’t open the issue directly. It’s usable as the only listed issue is the one being searched and it’s one extra click from the actual page I’d like to link to. Is there any plans to implement the RESTful URL to reach the issue directly? I can’t understand how this hasn’t been requested and prioritized until now. Maybe I’m looking at Sentry with the wrong expectations in mind?