Getting Short Id (Bitbucket Integration)

I’m just getting started with Sentry (extremely excited about it!) and am working on building a workflow with our Bitbbucket source. I’ve been able to configure just about everything but am struggling with the "fixes " message in my commit. If I add it manually, everything works well, but I’d love for this to be able to be added automatically (like I can do with my Bitbucket id).

What’s the best way to either get the short id from the linked Bitbucket issue, or look it up from the Bitbucket issue id?

Any help or guidance would be great. Thanks!

Just to clarify, are you trying to get the Sentry issue ID (e.g. PROJECT-XYZ) from a BitBucket Issue (e.g. #134)? We dont yet provide a search syntax to find Sentry issues based on a linked external issue.

That is what I am looking for.

Can I set the Sentry issue ID to be part of the description or title of the Bitbucket issue? Ideally it would be the first part of the title (ie “SENTRY-123 Error…”), which would allow me to programatically pull the Sentry ID from the Bitbucket issue. Is that an option? Ultimately, I’m trying to optimize the Bitbucket integration as best I can - reducing any requirements of my developers (and avoiding potential human errors).


There’s no way to configure the templates today, but we’re currently in the middle of refactoring some of our integrations and including the short ID definitely seems like a good idea. I’ll forward this feedback to the team.

Excellent - thanks! I’ll keep an eye on my inbox for software updates