Use current sentry API and client (RavenSharp) with .net 3.5

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to user RavenSharp and the latest (or at least a relatively new) Sentry API with .net 3.5

If you mean can RavenSharp send data to Sentry, the answer is certainly yes. It’s a very well supported community client, and while it does have its limitations it the core should be very functional for .NET.

If you mean can RavenSharp query the Sentry web API (e.g. to fetch a list of issues), then that’s unlikely (unless I’ve missed some commits).

I mean using RavenSharp in a .net 3.5 project. I can’t currently do it, because all the nuget packages I seem to download are compiled to .net 4.0, so they can’t be used in a .net 3.5 project. Is there any RavenSharp package compiled against 3.5?

Ah I misunderstood. It’s very possible it won’t work on 3.5. Your best bet would be to open an issue on the tracker (since this is maintained outside of the core team), and the maintainers can help explore what it might take.