User Feedback availability in C++SDK


I would like to ask if we are able to collect ‘User Feedback’ data using c++ Native SDK.


Greetings, @davidoh. :slight_smile:

Are you asking for this user feedback experience using the sentry-native SDK? If so, I’m almost positive the answer is “no,” since User Feedback is a feature of the JavaScript SDK.

Am I understanding your question?

Hey but then I scroll the docs and find this:

If you’d prefer an alternative to the widget or do not have a JavaScript frontend, you can use the User Feedback API.


Looks like you can send feedback directly. Is that an option for you?

We have started expanding this feature to non-JS SDKs:

That said this is not available for sentry-native and I don’t think we have any immediate plans for that so @chadwhitacre’s suggestion is the one you should probably follow.

Pinging @bruno-garcia and @jauer in case there are plans we are not aware of.

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That’s correct, we do not have it on our immediate roadmap. Feel free to post an issue on the issue tracker, and we can start tracking this publicly.

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