Using Native C/C++ SDK vs Android SDK


We’re about to integrate Sentry into an app for the first time. The app will release on Android and iOS. We use a cross-platform engine and the app code is mostly written in C++. I want to make sure we head in the right direction for the Sentry integration. I’ve spent some time trying to understand what you get using the C/C++ SDK vs. using the platform-specific SDK.

From what I’ve read, the C/C++ SDK supports Android, but not iOS. So, I gather we must use the Cocoa SDK for our iOS implementation.

For Android, we could use either the C/C++ SDK or the Android SDK. What are the differences from picking one over the other?



To get proper support on Android you still need to install our Android SDK. It will include sentry-native by default and makes sure things get correctly initialized with NDK. It also captures release health data, crashes from the Android Runtime etc.

Thanks @bruno-garcia.


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