UWP C++ Not Sending Issues


I’ve built Sentry Native (both with WinHttp and Curl) statically and want to add it into my UWP C++ application.

When I put the sentry ‘getting started’ code into a blank C++ console application I get the “It works” issue no problem, but in my UWP App I get nothing. I have enabled all of the internet UWP permissions, and know they work as the app downloads external data from a server and uses websockets.

The setup is → static Sentry, breakpad backend and works with neither Curl or WinHttp. The compiler is Visual Studio 2019 and sentry native is v0.4.12

I can confirm that sentry works, because it worked in my console app. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be really grateful!

Hi pma07pg.

Does capturing a simple event works for you?

sentry_value_t event = sentry_value_new_event();
sentry_value_set_by_key(event, "message", sentry_value_new_string("Hello!"));

Also if you enable the debug flag, does it show anything in your Debug window?

  sentry_options_t *options = sentry_options_new();
  sentry_options_set_debug(options, 1);

Thank you! The debug option has put me on the right path. UWP is sandboxed and only offers very specific write paths. The default database path was read only and failed.

I’ll try again over the weekend and post back here with the update.

Yeah that was the issue, writing to a protected path. Thank you!

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