[uwsgi-body-read] Timeout reading x bytes

I guess it’s something related to some configuration, but it seems many if not all requests with body larger than 2kb are getting this timeout (that includes updating my profile Picture).

I’m using https with nginx but I’m not an expert with those.

Any tips on what could be causing this timeout?

for now the only thing I tried was to do the following code at sentry.py

'workers': 10,
'socket-timeout': 300, # This fixed the issue


EDIT: Using the release version docker 9.1.1

Hi @ibm5155, do you have any logs from nginx itself?

I’ve researched this error a bit and there doesn’t seem to be a clear root cause. I have a guess that you may not have enough resources on your system but I’m not confident in that. It looks like something gets stuck and stops reading the request but with enough timeout, it gets unstuck?

I didn’t manage to catch it but I manage to test it changing the docker with http instead of https and with that it accepted the requests (even 10mb requests).

I don’t know if that could be related to the https certificate.