What I should upload?

Hi there. I tried to search here but wasn’t able to find answers.

What I should upload?
Let’s say I’m using create-react-app and it creates /build folder, but my sources are in /src/**

Should I upload both, all bundles with maps + source code I have in /src? Or only bundle?

E.g. whole sequence of release creation + source upload will look like

sentry-cli releases new "$RELEASE_TAG"
sentry-cli releases set-commits --auto $RELEASE_TAG
sentry-cli releases files "$RELEASE_TAG" upload-sourcemaps --validate --ignore-file .sentryignore --ext ts --ext map --ext js --ext tsx --ext jsx .
// once this particular release is deployed
sentry-cli releases finalize "$RELEASE_TAG"

And, also, what is the difference between upload and upload-sourcemaps?

And yeah, ignore ignores node_modules and few configs in the root.

Please HALP :slight_smile: I think that will be nice to have some “learn by example” setup based on the most popular CLIs like CRA, Angular-cli and others in the docs :slight_smile: