Correct flow for making a new release and deploy with source maps


I’m a little confused what a “finalized” release is. Why do I have to finalize it? I’m not exactly sure. Would this be the correct process with sourcemaps for javascript?

  1. create release with sentry-cli releases new $VERSION
  2. upload source maps with sentry-cli releases files $VERSION upload-sourcemaps ./location/
  3. sentry-cli releases deploys $VERSION new -e $ENVIRONMENT

I did this but my Name came undefined in the last step.

julian@wilson:~/project $ sentry-cli releases --org org --project project deploys v0.7.5 list
| Environment | Name    | Finished   |
| env     | unnamed | 36 seconds |

Is this because I didn’t finalize? Do I need another step to finalize? Where should I finalize?

Thank you for the help