What is a short ID?

When viewing issues in the UI, I noticed they were being tagged with names like PROJECT-1, PROJECT-A, etc. I couldn’t find any documentation indicating what the various portions of the UI represent, so I inspected the element to try to garner some information from its name, and noticed it was called short-id.

Searching through the docs lead me to this entry on how to resolve short IDs. I’m still a bit confused about what short IDs actually are though, and I couldn’t find any documentation that shed any light on the subject.

Does anybody happen to know what short IDs represent, and what their purpose is in Sentry? Thanks!

They are a short identifier (short because of the thing at the end of it) and they can be used to refer to issues. You can punch a short ID into the search to quickly jump to an event for instance. They become more useful with the release integration.

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