What to put into ignoreOptions array?

Errors come into Sentry that would be good to ignore. For example, the Sentry detail screen has a big error title called:


Then below that in smaller text:

“Can’t find variable: DD”

I don’t think we’d want to ignore all “ReferenceError” instances. But in this case, we are safe to ignore “Can’t find variable: DD”. Its unclear from the docs which of these to add to the ignoreOptions array in the JS setup code, but it looks like they want “ReferenceError”.

Can anyone clarify?


You could do:

Raven.config('your-dsn', {
  ignoreErrors: [/DD$/]

This will ignore error strings that end with “DD”.

I’d first verify that “DD” is not just some randomly generated variable from minification, since that’s a possibility.