What versions of self-hosted sentry support Performance View?

I’ve looked through a lot of docs and release notes, but I’m still not sure when performance-view became available.

I’m in 9.1.2. Is it possible to enable this view?

Hi @afreix-bricks,

Performance view is not available in 9.1.2. It was introduced sometime around 20.6 or 20.7. I recommend upgrading to the latest version if you want this feature (21.4.1 at time of writing). You can directly upgrade from 9.1.2 to 21.4.1.

Hi @BYK ,

Thanks for the quick reply. We’d love to upgrade, but based on this post: https://blog.sentry.io/2020/01/07/self-hosted-sentry-10-is-ready-to-serve-get-it-while-its-hot it looks like upgrading to v10 will be a bit of work as it introduces a number of new dependencies

My pleasure! As long as you are using the docker-based install, those dependencies are handled automatically. The management becomes more complex and the demands from the server also increases but that’s the cost of better search and performance. Shameless plug: you can always consider using sentry.io if the maintenance burden becomes too much :smiley:

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