Why am i seeing [Object] [Array] in my app state?


After updating SDK recently, I am now seeing my state as [Object] [Array] instead of actual objects and arrays.

I found and tried the solution proposed in this article https://help.sentry.io/hc/en-us/articles/115000154594-Why-am-I-seeing-Filtered-in-my-event-data-, but it only removed [Filtered]

Anyone have an idea of how to fix? Thanks in advance

ex state:
{ authenticated: True, authUser: [Object], balancesById: [Object], fetchingTransactions: False, invitationByStudentId: [Object], invitations: [Array], navigatedToPageById: [Object], parent: [Object], studentProfile: [Object], students: [Array], studentsNav: [Object], transactionsById: [Object], transactionsMetadataById: [Object], user: [Object] }